Roy Kingsbury Piper is a member of the Poetry Society of New Hampshire, and his insightful, often humorous work has been found over the years in various publications. In this collection of over sixty poems, everyone can share his wonder of the world.  Available in paperback via AMAZON,  Barnes & Noble and wherever books are sold. If you’ve enjoyed it, please leave a review.


The reviews are in!

“For one man’s history of our times, love of words, and tricks of rhymes, I highly recommend Eternity Lost and Other Poems by Roy K. Piper.” — Ernest Hebert, Author, the Darby Chronicles

“Roy K. Piper is a fearless poet. Unafraid to use traditional rhyme and meter in this modern era, ETERNITY LOST and Other Poems gives us thoughtful stories and meditations of whales and squirrels, Shakespeare and Frost, and even Jessica Fletcher of Murder, She Wrote. Even Godzilla! In the title poem, he challenges us to confront “the terrible toll” of environment. Read the man’s work, and you will appreciate the ordinary and the extraordinary aspects of your life.” John T. Hitchner, author of the collections Seasons and Shadows, Pieces of Life Between, and the novel The Acolyte

“Roy K. Piper has been documenting his piece of America for decades writing lines like these: ‘Next, the blast from the Amtrak makes my van sway and shake, as a skiff rocks at the dockside from a powerboat’s wake.’ Enjoy.” Norman Klein, a founding editor of Ploughshares

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This book really captures the author’s psyche and puts his outlook on the world into words!Amazon reader


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